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Meet Cat McCarthy

  Cat McCarthy – New York City & New Orleans     Who She Is:   Innovative Yoga Instructor/Trainer, Cat McCarthy, is based out of New York City and New Orleans.  She is the founder of registered yoga school NOLA YOGA and holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and the Barnes Method Prenatal Yoga, while […]
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Brazilian Butt Lift!

Brazilian Butt Lift! Starting position: Forearms and knees on the floor. Back straight, never arched. Step 1 Lift your right leg up towards the ceiling while maintaining a bent position (toes pointed up and knees pointing down). Pulse up 30 times! Step 2 In the same position as step 1, cross the right leg behind […]
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A Day In The Life Of Nossa Ambassador Nicky Wright

Meet John William Bauld

  John William Bauld – Toronto, Canada   Who He Is: John William Bauld: mantra musician, kirtan artist and teacher of yoga… His debut solo album produced in California by acclaimed Grammy-nominated Ben Leinbach mixes sacred Sanskrit mantra with modern adult contemporary music in English. The self titled release features many guests, including the soulful sounds of […]
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Static Holds Exercise!

Static Holds Exercise!   Step 1Wall Chair Pose. With you back leaned straight against a wall bend your knees to 90 degrees. Keep your knees and heals aligned and never let your knees track over your feet. Hold pose for 2 minutes!Step 2Horse Pose! With your legs apart (a fair amount wider than hips distance) […]
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