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Guidelines For A Healthy Life (Infographic)


Horse to Squat Exercise!

Starting position: Horse pose     – Legs wider than hip distance. Knees and toes pointing out and tracking over each other. Knees bent roughly forming a 75 degree angle Step 1Pulse down 10 times on horse pose. Turn your toes to parallel coming into a squat. Pulse down 10 times. Keep switching from horse pose […]
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15 Minute Barre Workout (Video)

Great 15 minute video on Barre. It is helpful cause it gives very clear and precise cues! Great for anyone who can’t make it to a Barre class and needs some ideas for a home workout!

At Home Cardio

At Home Cardio   1. Jumping jacks! Everyone knows how these work. 50 of these will do the trick!2. Knee to elbow cardio! With your legs together bend your knees and lift your right leg straight back and your right arm straight forward. Bring your knee and your elbow in towards each other then back […]
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Stretch That Booty – Post Workout Stretches

Perfect for after an intense booty work out! Starting Position: Laying on your back, place your arms next to your body and bend your knees Step 1 Bring your right foot to lay on your left thigh. Let your right hip open as you pull your left thigh in towards you (hand are behind your […]
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