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Banana Mash Madness

In a plate… – Mash 1 to 2 organic bananas – Drizzle honey as desired – Add 1 to 2 table spoons of ground up almonds – Add 2 to 3 table spoons of dry powdered oats (ground up old fashion oats in your vitamix or a grinder) Enjoy! This is by far my favorite energy […]
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Papaya Goodness!

Papaya Goodness!   In a blender add… – 1 whole papaya peeled and with no seeds – 1 cup of orange juice (preferable freshly squeezed) – 1 banana – A handful of ice (optional) One of my all time favorite morning smoothie! What do you have in the morning?

Carrot Smoothie Recipe

In a blender add… – 1 cup of carrot juice – 1/2 cup of orange juice – 1 banana – 1/2 of an apple cut  in medium size sliver (peeled or unpeeled is fine) – A handful of ice (optional)   Enjoy this vitamin blast! What is your favorite smoothie recipe?   See Also: How […]
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Quinoa Bowl of Champions

In a skillet add… – 1 table spoon of olive oil – A handful of kale – 1 cup of cooked sweet potato cut on cubes – 1/2 cup of carrots cut in small cubes – 1 cup I cooked quinoa After oiling your pan, add all the ingredients in the order above. Stir and […]
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Kale Deliciousness

 Next time your looking for something healthy for dinner, try this out!   In a skillet add… – 1 tablespoon of olive oil – 1 tablespoon of garlic – 1 pinch of salt – 1 pinch of pepper – Half a bag of organic cut kale Lightly brown the garlic on the olive oil with […]
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