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Hands For Africa Outreach (Gallery)

Hands for Africa is a nonprofit organization working to restore lost hope to those devastated by the civil war in Sierra Leone. We support amputees by developing and implementing self-reliance programs and providing the necessary aid for the advancement of these programs.                   Connect with Hands Of Africa Here to see all the incredible […]
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Meet Cat McCarthy

  Cat McCarthy – New York City & New Orleans     Who She Is:   Innovative Yoga Instructor/Trainer, Cat McCarthy, is based out of New York City and New Orleans.  She is the founder of registered yoga school NOLA YOGA and holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and the Barnes Method Prenatal Yoga, while […]
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Meet Nossa Ambassador Nicky Wright

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Meet Kimberly Bernstein

Kimberly Bernstein – Austin, TX   How you became an instructor: My greatest successes as a child and family therapist (I am a licensed clinical social worker) sprung from wilderness trips, runs, snowboarding, and hikes- opportunities to assist my clients to get active and experience the amazing healing (and coping) that comes from moving one’s body […]
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Nossa Company Ambassador Kelsey Bourgeois