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Brazilian Butt Lift!

Brazilian Butt Lift! Starting position: Forearms and knees on the floor. Back straight, never arched. Step 1 Lift your right leg up towards the ceiling while maintaining a bent position (toes pointed up and knees pointing down). Pulse up 30 times! Step 2 In the same position as step 1, cross the right leg behind […]
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Plank it Up!

Plank it Up! – 30 seconds in High Plank– 30 seconds in Side Plank (right)– 30 seconds in High Plank– 30 seconds in Side Plank (left)– 20 times Pike to Plank– 30 hip lifts in Side Plank (right)– 30 hip lifts in Side Plank (left)– 30 seconds High Plank! Rest in Child’s Pose for 2 […]
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Give me 40!

Give me 40!   – 40 front lunges– 40 side lunges– 40 back lunges– 40 squats– 40 push ups– 40 crunches   No resting! Get a quick and amazing workout, just give me 40!

Horse to Squat Exercise!

Starting position: Horse pose     – Legs wider than hip distance. Knees and toes pointing out and tracking over each other. Knees bent roughly forming a 75 degree angle Step 1Pulse down 10 times on horse pose. Turn your toes to parallel coming into a squat. Pulse down 10 times. Keep switching from horse pose […]
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Low Plank to High Plank Exercise

Starting position: In a perfect forearm plank… Step 1Lift two a high plank (on the palms of your hands) by pushing yourself up with your right hand then your left hand. Try not to move your body side to side!Step 2Lower back down to your forearm plank by placing your right forearm on the floor […]
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