Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “Cidade Maravilhosa” (beautiful city)

Nossa Company

Nossa Company, meaning “our company” in Portuguese, is a Brazilian influenced company bringing you a daily blog and high performance athletic clothing made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Experience unique articles and styles straight from the “Cidade Maravilhosa” (beautiful city). Our goal is to bring you a open platform that satisfies all your fitness and health needs and questions. Prepare to be trying something new at the studio, gym, or life! Welcome to Nossa Company, what’s ours is yours!

Your Daily Blog For All The Things You Love

NossaCompany is a blog that is run by you for you! We are a platform for all enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge with others. It is our aim to be the #1 source for all those activities that brighten up your day. It is our goal to cover everything from health advice to guided workouts and lifestyle advice. We are building a community of writers, athletes, nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness instructors to share their knowledge, experience, ideas and most importantly their inspiration with you!

NossaCompany covers the many different forms of health and fitness. Among those, we also offer our users:

  • a daily blog of assorted topics around health and fitness;
  • a studio highlight section to explore some of the many fitness studios that inspire us;
  • product reviews and product recommendations;
  • a non-profit section featuring many of the incredible life changing organizations out there;

Write for us

Please refer to this page.


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