Meet John William Bauld

Meet John William Bauld

Meet John William Bauld


John William Bauld – Toronto, Canada


Who He Is:

John William Bauld: mantra musician, kirtan artist and teacher of yoga… His debut solo album produced in California by acclaimed Grammy-nominated Ben Leinbach mixes sacred Sanskrit mantra with modern adult contemporary music in English. The self titled release features many guests, including the soulful sounds of violinist Genevieve Walker who regularly performs with Krishna Das. Recently back from a main stage appearance at Bhaktifest in Joshua Tree, California, “The Woodstock of the new millennium”, John shared the main stage alongside many influential world musicians. He continues on the yogic path by performing daily, teaching asana, and leading kirtan on retreats throughout North America with Shonna Annapurna Brown.

The studio album is perfect for yoga class accompaniment, meditation, relaxation and listening enjoyment, which is a direct representation of the love that John holds in his heart for Bhakti yoga (the yoga of loving devotion). His very unique live musical performances during yoga classes are “mantra-based”, meaning traditional Sanskrit mantra is subtly weaved into modern acoustic guitar music. The sound dynamics syncopated to the breathe of yoga practice is extremely powerful, and each performance is specifically tailored to the individual instructor’s teaching style or lineage without any prior rehearsal with the teacher. Students attune to the energetic vibrational frequency imbedded within the music combined with movement, and often notice dramatic results in stillness, healing, empowerment and well-being for hours afterwards. The live classes are really something that one needs to experience in person, and often become the highest attended sessions at studios. The response has been overwhelming, which keeps him performing daily both at home and abroad.

John co-founded Anandafest “Naturally so being”, Canada’s premier yoga retreat/festival in 2011; the event continues his commitment to promoting unity and oneness among all people. He has had many influential teachers in the decade that he has devoted to the yogic path, including studying yoga and philosophy through The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (Nassau, Bahamas). While living in the ashram during the teacher training, he was officially awarded the title “Yoga Siromani” – teacher of yoga, and given the spiritual name of “MahaDeva” by Swamiji Brahmananda. The intention is simple: to foster community, healing, unity, empowerment & well-being through the universal language of music.

Meet John William Bauld

How you became an instructor:

Finding the path of yoga over a decade ago, it was a natural process to find a teacher training that called. Sivanada (Bahamas Ashram) was a natural fit with the emphasis on Bhakti (Kirtan) chanting, karma service and the Lineage. The masters were being presented often before I went to the location, I had photos of Swami Sivananda on my vision board, and had been given a Sivananda pamphlet before knowing that he was a great saint, and yoga master.

Where you Teach:

Yoga Vision (Classical Hatha Asana) and perform through out North America at various yoga studios, centres and private homes.

Your Goals:

In life, I have simply followed the heart, and the love for the experiences that bring myself and others joy.. and found a way to serve while doing it.

Favorite Quote:

Wherever you go, go with all your heart – Confucius

Meet John William Bauld


What Inspires you:

Everyday I see something new that inspires me, or meet someone new who inspires me.
Witnessing the magic that this planet has to offer, and that we are all having this great experience.. I simply practice remembering to remember this.

Who Inspires You:

Those great beings who have done something with their life that serves humanity, and have connected with source and/or spirit.

Where To Connect:

You can find John online at his site, on Facebook, Twitter, Itunes, Youtube and Instagram. We absolutely love his facebook page!! Stay tuned with him and watch as he accomplishes incredible things in the yoga community!

Meet John William Bauld

Meet John William Bauld


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