Meet Cat McCarthy

Meet Cat McCarthy

Meet Cat McCarthy


Cat McCarthy – New York City & New Orleans



Who She Is:


Innovative Yoga Instructor/Trainer, Cat McCarthy, is based out of New York City and New Orleans.  She is the founder of registered yoga school NOLA YOGA and holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and the Barnes Method Prenatal Yoga, while studying extensively within the philosophical tradition of Rajanaka Yoga.  She continues to do conflict-resolution training in NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and life coaching with the Handel Group.  An Emmy-nominated filmmaker, this international traveling yogini mixes storytelling and dynamic alignment with a playful therapeutic approach.  Fueled by her love of the ironic, Cat shares a clear, practical, and entertaining application of yoga off the mat.  For more info, visit
She also writes the “Cat From The Mat” blog, about applying yoga off the mat.  In her writings, she share her challenges, so that others can perhaps find the humor in the ironic and learn from her successes and failures alike.
To read her blogs, please visit:
If interested in links to her film projects, please visit:



How You Became An Instructor: 


I’ve been teaching yoga since 2002, but I never planned on becoming an instructor.  I completed my first training to merely deepen my own practice.  However, after a pattern of misaligned and weight-bearing downdog/plank/chaturangas, I accrued wrist issues. This chronic injury brought me to a more alignment-based style of yoga, which not only got me out of pain but helped empower my poses.  I found the ease in the effort.  I wanted to share that with others and give back in ways that I had been fortunate enough to receive.  After years of non-stop therapeutic yoga training, I felt ready to take the seat of the teacher. Whether leading a yoga workshop or directing a film crew, teaching yoga has helped me safely hold the space, for yogins and actors alike, in which to explore their strengths and vulnerabilities.  The more anchored, clear, and encouraging I am, the more trust and security there is.  Yoga invites us into the process.  It’s the journey, not the goal.  I was taught to assume the seat of the teacher when it is asked of you.  After over 20 years of practice and 12 of teaching, the yoga requests continue, and the rabbit hole of yoga deepens.



Meet Cat McCarthy

Meet Cat McCarthy


What You Teach:


Align & Flow Yoga (alignment-based style of Hatha Yoga), Yoga Therapeutics, Kinetic Awareness/Ball Therapy, Repatterning of physical, mental, and emotional bodies.



Where You Teach: 


I travel the globe to teach, all over the US, Europe, Central America, etc.  When in back in NYC, I teach at my yoga homes: Virayoga (in Soho) and at Abhaya Yoga (in DUMBO, Brooklyn)



Meet Cat McCarthy

Meet Cat McCarthy


Your Goals: 


My main goal is to live a life of integrity and awareness, with skillful communication and constant refinement.  I cannot change other people, but I can shift how I respond to others, which in turn evolves the relationship.  By starting at the microcosm of home base, the macrocosm is altered, which then impacts the reciprocity.  Professionally, my goal is to combine my two loves (Film & Yoga).  I want to educate and entertain the world, whether on the TV/Film screen or on the yoga mat.  I plan to create a yoga show, which highlights the application of yoga off of the mat.  I also plan to offer Yoga & Conflict Resolution workshops (as I continue to train in NVC, Non-Violent Communication), so that yoga practitioners can take the tools from the mat and back out into their relationships.  The concentric circles of consciousness will continue to expand and empower the diffusion of conflict.



Your Mission:


In response to Hurricane Katrina, I helped set up the first Karma Krew project in New Orleans (NOLA) in 2006.  We brought yogins from all over the US to NOLA to help rebuild devastated communities, as part of selfless service.  Since then, the Karma Krew non-profit organization has grown and flourished, to help other communities needing similar support.  I continue connect the Gulf coast region via yoga-based initiatives.  I am also associated with Slow Food, a global grassroots organization that supports non-GMO fresh and local fair-trade food, to help preserve community, local culture, and the environment.  I am organizing “Mat to Farm to Table” events, which educate the parallels of yoga and food.



Meet Cat McCarthy

Meet Cat McCarthy


Favorite Quote:


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson



What Inspires You:


Singing and creative self-expression, when there’s no distinction between an artist and his/her art.  Playful awareness, so that we can laugh at ourselves, not take everything so personally, and evolve the collective wisdom.



Who Inspires You:


My dogs- I love how direct, simple, and authentic they are.  My grandmother- who had the courage to live outside of the box that was expected of her and most females of her time.  My 5th grade teacher- who taught us critical thinking and urged us to think in unexpected ways.



Meet Cat McCarthy

Meet Cat McCarthy


Where To Connect:


You can get in touch with Cat on her site, on Facebook or Twitter! Stay tuned as she continues to help encourage, uplift and change the world and those around her!




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