Meet Kimberly Bernstein

Meet Kimberly Bernstein

Meet Kimberly Bernstein

Kimberly Bernstein – Austin, TX


How you became an instructor:

My greatest successes as a child and family therapist (I am a licensed clinical social worker) sprung from wilderness trips, runs, snowboarding, and hikes- opportunities to assist my clients to get active and experience the amazing healing (and coping) that comes from moving one’s body and rising to a challenge.

When I found myself with 3 kids under age three (My son is almost 6 and my daughters are almost 4 now), and weighing the costs and benefits of returning to work, I knew I couldn’t sit at a desk and be a therapist, I had to find a way to help people in the way I knew to be effective. At the same time my twin daughters were learning to become mobile and naturally found themselves in yoga poses, and at the other end of the life cycle my 88 year old grandmother found one of her great joys from her yoga practice. Through my adulthood, particularly when I returned to my mat after the birth of my twin daughters, I have felt a calming and centering that carries over from my mat into my off-matt existence.  So I got a personal training certification and went to Yoga Teacher Training.


What You Teach:

 hatha, hatha flow, vinyasa, and core strength yoga, spin (indoor cycling), run coaching


Where you Teach:

The Hills in Bee Caves (and corporate locations), FxFit, The Statesman, YMCA of Northwest Austin, CGArena, Yoga Yoga


Your Goals:

To lead by example, and set a positive example about fitness, interaction with other human beings, and honor for one’s own body and spirit for my family and my students. I want to grow as an educator, not by knowing all of the things, but by knowing some of the things well.

I believe that the research being done on the effective use of essential oils, and the benefits of yoga, will make these modalities a primary choice for supporting wellness, and alleviating the existence of suffering.  My goal is to make non-toxic ways of existing in natural harmony available to, and shared with, the masses. I strive for this goal by working toward my 500 hour certification in yoga teaching, my work with WeViva, and now by using and promoting essential oils. Not everyone will choose yoga or essential oils over pharmaceuticals and television, but  I want to make sure people have the choice, and the access. I have recently become obsessed with the use of essential oils. Sharing Young Living essential oils, and helping educate people about their options for wellness is important to me.


Your Mission:

There are so many amazing organizations fighting the good fight, and I would love to dedicate more time and effort to more of them. I was thinking the other day, how blessed I am to have friends who are doing some of the work I wish I could do, so I can focus on the work I am doing. I have two non-profit affiliations at the moment that I am extremely passionate about.
I proudly serve on the Board of Directors of WeViva. WeViva is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization in Austin, Texas whose mission is to provide accessible and affordable fitness and nutrition programs to people in low-income communities.

Moms in Training is part of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s amazing efforts to raise funds and awareness to eradicate suffering from blood cancers by supporting people as they train for endurance athletic events. Moms in Training is geared toward women and their female support systems. The training is a smaller scale, as is the fundraising goal. The goal is to foster community among women (moms can bring their strollers to training) while helping moms fit in fitness. Add the great cause anyone would feel proud of helping and you have a perfect recipe for a happier mom. I am privileged to be on the team of people working to bring this program to Austin!


What Inspires You:

Compassion, the innocence of my kids and a desire to protect that innocence and create a larger place in the world where my children can be safe.  Experiencing myself as whole, and knowing it is within me to help others experience the same amazing abundance is also an inspiration.



Who Inspires You:

My children and my students for the trust they place in me, my father and my brother and sisters (in-law/sisters by choice) for their fierce love of family and commitment to sharing their love.


Where To Connect:

You can connect with Kimberly on her site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Stay tuned on her site for her awesome blog!


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