Horse to Squat Exercise!

Horse to Squat Exercise!

Horse to Squat Exercise!

Starting position:

Horse pose
     – Legs wider than hip distance. Knees and toes pointing out and tracking over each other. Knees bent roughly forming a 75 degree angle

Step 1

Pulse down 10 times on horse pose. Turn your toes to parallel coming into a squat. Pulse down 10 times. Keep switching from horse pose to squat while pulsing down 10 times on each pose. Each time you change pose bring your feet closer together! Once your feet are touching go back out to horse pose!

Step 2

Repeat step 1 but pulse 9 times on each pose instead

Step 3

Repeat step 1. Count down from 8 pulses in each pose, then 7, 6 and so on until you reach 1

Step 4

If your thighs aren’t burning yet, do it all over again!

Trust me, you will completely burn out your thighs! Let me know how it feels the next day!


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