Meet Missy White

Meet Missy White

Meet Missy White

Missy White – Tampa, FL


Who She Is:

Missy White started practicing in 1999 and in many ways credits yoga for saving her life.
In 2004, after 15 years in the weight loss industry, she left her corporate job and traveled
to Los Angeles for an intense nine week Instructional Training course at Bikram’s Yoga
College of India. This was just the beginning of her journey. Since then she has trained
with several other teachers such as David Swenson, Cameron Shayne, Shiva Rae, Ana
Forrest, Desiree Rumbaugh, Duncan Wong, Andrey Lappa and many others.
Missy travels throughout the United States and worldwide teaching her signature Funky
Flow Master Class, Backbending and Advanced Arm Balance & Inversion Workshops,
as well as The 108 Asanas Practice and Workshop she created. She is well known for
her exceptional teaching skills and her dynamic and innovated sequencing.


How you became an instructor:

I was led to teaching by a power much greater than myself! I teach The 108 Asanas Beginning and Advanced series, Vinyasa Flow , Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga and Funky Flow as well as many workshops on Inversions, Arm Balancing and Backbends.


What Are Your Goals:

My Goals are to continue to serve by building and maintaining a yoga community where people can come to grow, heal, be inspired and find inner Joy at Studio 108 Yoga and Holistic Healing. My goal for this year is to complete my book “Girl Challenged” about my own personal journey  before and after yoga. This book delves deep into the darkest places  our minds  can take us and shows that when are connected to even the smallest glimmer of light we can come out shining. i will share my darkest moments to help others living in FEAR realize that they are never alone and we can always change our minds and direction in life and create anything we choose. 


What Is Your Mission:

My mission is to continue to raise money for OTM, The Exalted Warrior Foundation and Nuero Touch Inc. I currently donate 100% of my proceeds from The 108 Asana Poster to OTM and EWF. I also teach a donation based class every month at Studio 108 to raise money for Nuero Touch inc. I believe that it is in giving that we truly receive and I am rewarded daily and grateful to have found my purpose and my path!



 ” And then you realize that you already have everything you need deep within your heart center” – Missy White


What Inspires You:

I am constantly inspired by the incredible strength of the human mind to overcome illness, disease and addiction.


Where to Connect:

You can find Missy at both of her sites online at 108 Asanas and Studio 108 Tampa, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram! We absolutely love her Instagram  page, she does some incredible poses!



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