Product Review: Iris Dress


Product Review: Iris Dress

Product Review: Iris Dress
























Who They Are:

Ayapapaya creates clothing infused with the virtues of all the earth elements; stones, feathers, and metals. Their handcrafted pieces are an outward symbol to bring out your inherent beauty. AyaPapaya accentuates and molds to the contours of your natural form. Functional, and versatile, our designs are made for movement, dance and play. Each piece is handmade with love in Southern California. Named after founder Aya Iwasaki, who is the living embodiment of her name! Aya meaning beautiful weaving, as she designs adornments to enhance the organic beauty of each individual.


Some inspiring words from Aya herself:


“I believe that there is innate beauty in every living being.  How we present our bodies is a reflection of how we view ourselves.  I aim to create jewelry that draws out the strength, power, beauty, and sensuality of every body.   Adorning an individual is a form of empowering them to remember and step into their fullest potential.  It is an honor, and I am so thankful for every person that wears my creations.  AyaPapaya will be partnering with non profits this year, donating 10% of web sales every month.”


Product Review: Iris Dress

Product Review: Iris Dress

What We Love:

We love the Iris Hooded Reversible Dress! Iris is the goddess of the rainbow, as well as a messenger in Greek mythology. This hooded dress was designed with all goddesses in mind with a cinch in the back for custom fit. The sides rouche up or down so that the piece can be worn as a longer dress or as a tunic over leggings. AyaPapaya will also be upgrading fabrics and sustainable production! Read more on their inspiring work here.





Features Include:

  • Hood
  • Reversible
  • Cinch For Custom Fit
  • Rouching For Custom Length
  • Eco Friendly
  • USA Made
  • Locally Sourced Fabrics


Where to Connect:

You can find AyaPapaya online at their site, on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram! We absolutely love their Facebook page, you have to checkout all the lovely articles, images and specials they have!


Product Review: Iris Dress

Product Review: Iris Dress


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