At Home Cardio

At Home Cardio

At Home Cardio

At Home Cardio


1. Jumping jacks! Everyone knows how these work. 50 of these will do the trick!

2. Knee to elbow cardio! With your legs together bend your knees and lift your right leg straight back and your right arm straight forward. Bring your knee and your elbow in towards each other then back to the starting position. Keep your eyesight forward at all times and do not bounce on your standing knee. Repeat 40 on both sides!

3. Standing knee to elbow cardio! In a standing positions with your legs a little bit wider than hip distance, hands clasped behind your head, and link elbow and knee. Bring your right knee up towards your left elbow while twisting your torso with your elbow to meet the right knee. Vary each side and repeat a total of 30 times!

4. Knee lifts! In a standing position lift and lower each knee at a time to meet each corresponding hand. Right knee to right palm and left knee to left palm. Repeat a total of 60 times!


Sweating yet? What do you do for in home cardio?


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