Meet Laura Ahrens

Meet Laura Ahrens

Meet Laura Ahrens

Laura Ahrens – Boston


Who She Is:

Laura reluctantly tried yoga in 2009, received her 200 RYT in vinyasa in 2011, and shortly after fell in love with Forrest Yoga. She completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest and has completed a year-long mentor-ship program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Dr. Heidi Sormaz. She is also a level I and II Reiki practitioner and holds a BFA from The University of the Arts.


What Is Your Passion:

I am passionate about connection—to body, spirit, the earth, and each other. I work with attention to each individual’s current physical and emotional circumstances (the only possible starting point) to create a practice that is fueled by deep breathing, a strong connection to core (physical and non), reverence for ancient wisdom and ceremony, and the use of the practice of yoga to become more alive in each and every moment. I emphasize alignment, development of muscular strength, physical and mental flexibility, and commitment to the work and effort necessary for personal evolution. I’m forever grateful to my teachers, formal and otherwise, and am honored to be an ambassador to Manduka and Kira Grace.


How you became an instructor:

I took my initial teacher training in New York in 2011 and started to teach just before my training ended. I love yoga, which is why I wanted to take the training, but teaching yoga was originally a back up plan to the auditioning I was planning to do on my path to being a musical theater actor. I performed in a few notable productions, but found myself always longing to teach and practice instead of preparing my auditions. My schedule picked up momentum and before I knew it, I was a full time teacher. And I loved it! Everything else fell by the wayside, and I liked it that way.


What Are Your Goals:

My interest lies not only in the asana, but in the deeper work that lives beneath the asanas— the spiritual and emotional component in the yoga practice is powerful and transformational and I am interested in pursuing a dual masters degree in Social Work and Divinity so I can be prepared to facilitate deeper psychospiritual work should my students or clients want to go there.


What Is Your Mission:

I most want to help others connect to themselves, each other, and the earth. I want to teach others to be teachers to themselves, to ultimately lead them to lead themselves past numbness, confusion, denial, shame, and into deeper self truths, observation, and exploration. I love to lead communities in service, and am looking forward to bringing yoga to people and populations touched by trauma and addiction in my new home base, Boston. I am a founding member of One Love Long Island, a charitable organization co-created with some of my spiritual sisters from my hometown in New York. In collaboration with Off The Mat Into The World, Yoga Freedom Project, and smaller projects benefiting our community, our events (including a global mala event for the Autumnal Equinox), we raise funds and awareness for pressing causes while generating community oneness.


What Inspires you:

I am inspired by the creativity of the universe and the infinite opportunity we are given to live the life we want and to help others achieve the same. I am inspired by my and others’ capacity to serve others.


Meet Laura Ahrens

Meet Laura Ahrens


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