Meet Ariele Foster

Meet Ariele Foster

Meet Ariele Foster

Ariele Foster  – Washington, DC


Who She Is:

Ariele Foster DPT, PT, E-RYT 500, is a physical therapist, yoga teacher, anatomy faculty for yoga training, and environmentalist with a passion for intelligent, and creative instruction. Ariele grew up practicing yoga with her grandmother (who still teaches yoga in her late 80s!), and began her journey into teaching yoga in 2001. Her interdisciplinary classes (trained in Kripalu, Vinyasa, and Therapeutics) are enriched by a vast knowledge of anatomy, great yoga playlists and some humor.  Ariele Foster specializes in manual and orthopedic physical therapy, incorporating yoga into rehabilitation plans. She currently treats patients in Washington, DC.


How You Became An Instructor:

I learned yoga from my grandmother and from my music teacher growing up, but really came to rely on it in my last year of college, where I also had the good fortune to have a wonderful yoga teacher. From there I lived at Kripalu for a stint, then took a pretty typical route: 200 hour, 500 hour and various other training, then taught, taught and taught some more.


What You Teach:

I teach interdisciplinary alignment-based vinyasa and workshop-style classes. I studied Kripalu, Anusara and YogaWorks (among other styles), and blend it with what I know of anatomy through my physical therapy studies.


Your Goals:

When I am treating physical therapy patients, I want to always bring in the best of yoga. That is, to treat the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). When I’m teaching yoga or training yoga teachers, I want to bring the best from my world of physical therapy to align the person in front of me or create a clear, smart approach to helping other instructors teach the student in front of them.

A little story to back up those who are going after their goals. In 2013, I decided on and envisioned creating online courses in anatomy for yoga teachers. On a whim, I asked 90 Monkeys (Amy Ippoliti’s online continuing education site for yoga teachers) if they could use an anatomy teacher, and they said yes. Stunned, I joined their faculty as an anatomy teacher and created some starter courses in the subject. Funny thing, however, I almost didn’t ask. If I were to drop any nugget of advice, it would be this: get clear on what you want, and ask for it (even when it seems implausible), then make it happen. I’ll be filming more courses with 90 Monkeys in 2014, and can’t wait to share them with everyone.


Your Mission:

I worked on environmental justice activism for many years, and the cause remains close to my heart. I started a platform for discussion of the intersection between yoga and the environment, Yoga for the Planet, that is still in its nascent stages, but with big hopes to grow.



Your Favorite Quote:

The Sun never says to the Earth: You owe me.


“Look what happens with a love that big: it lights up the whole sky!”  -Hafiz



Who Inspires You:

My grandmother, my loved ones, and those who have overcome immense obstacles.



Where to Connect:

You can find Ariele Foster online at her site, on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram. We absolutely love her Twitter Updates! Stay tuned with her and watch as she accomplishes incredible things in the yoga community!


Meet Ariele Foster

Meet Ariele Foster



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