Bootys Up Ladies!

Booty Up Ladies!

Booty Up Ladies!

This one comes straight from our gym in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!

Starting Position:

Laying on your back, place your arms next to your body with your hands facing down, bend your knees and bring your feet close to your booty. Make sure your heals are aligned with your knees, then peel your seat off the ground. Reminder, this is NOT a bridge pose, keep your upper back on the ground and lift your seat only a fist distance off the ground!

Step 1

Booty Up! Squeeze your booty up while pressing down with your heals. Squeeze an release your booty 30 times!

Step 2

Squeeze and release the right glute only, 15 times! Then the left glute 15 times!

Step 3

Squeeze right glute, then left glute 30 times!

Step 4

Lift your right leg straight up while squeezing and releasing the left glute. Switch sides! Repeat each side 20 times!

Step 5
In your starting position, squeeze and release your booty 20 times
Then hold the last squeeze for 10 seconds!

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Your booty will thank you later! What do you do to tone it up?


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