Burpees, It Works Wonders!

Burpees, It Works Wonders!

Burpees, It Works Wonders!

Burpees, the wonder exercise!

In stand up position, jump with your arms up. On your way back down, squat all the way down and place your hands on the floor. Come into a high plank and do 1 push up. Jump back up and start over!

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For a year, start the first day with only 1 burpee, then the next day add 1 more. Each day keep adding 1 more until you start to maxout. Then begin breaking up the program into sets with alternating reps with short rest periods in between. Always increase your amount and speed with each passing day. You’ll see the results with each passing month, by the end of the year you should be able to do 365 burpees in a a single workout. I lost 30 pounds and gained chiseled abs with just burpees using this same method! Even taking baby steps can get you farther than you ever thought possible!

What are your secret fitness workouts?


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