Fitness For Thought

Fitness For Thought

Fitness For Thought

Some great thoughts to keep in mind as you work towards your goals!

1. One day of eating unhealthy does not make you fat, but one day of exercising also does not make you fit.

2. Mind over matter. There are times you should listen to your body, but if you’re fit and exercise regularly you can always do more. You’re stronger and faster than you think you are. Don’t hold back, give it your all every time!

3. Everyone is different, not only inside but outside too. You can have a certain body type, but it will never be exactly the same as someone else’s. Just remember before making a fitness goal, don’t compare yourself to others, you’re beautiful. Yes, there is ALWAYS room for improvement for EVERYONE in anything, but just don’t do it for others. Improve yourself for you only and never forget you ARE beautiful!

What is your food for thought?


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