Side Plank Exercise!

Side Plank

This is a great core and oblique workout! Trim your waistline with these 5 steps!

Step 1
On the floor, lay on your right side with your feet, hips and shoulders aligned. Place your right elbow or hand on the floor and lift your hips up. With your body completely aligned and only your elbows/hands (aligned with your shoulders) and the side of your right foot (with left foot on top) on the floor, hold your plank for 30 seconds.

Step 2
Lift and lower your hips from the starting position 20 times.

Step 3
Thread the needle! Lift and lower your hips while threading your left hand under your body every time you lift your hips. Do this, 20 times.

Step 4
Hold side plank again for 30 seconds while lifting the left leg!

Step 5
Repeat everything on the left side!


Hard? Let us know!


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