It’s Simple – Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Most people feel like a hard workout accompanied by a good diet is enough to lose weight and gain muscles fast… Think again! You have no idea how much breathing correctly can get you those results you want faster!

I am addicted to working out and a good diet. However, I never paid much attention to my breathing when doing any type of exercise. Until about 2 weeks ago after an incredible yoga class, that kicked my ass by the way, I decided to incorporate the yoga breathing to all my other exercises.

Everyone knows you’re suppose to exhale when you crunch in an ab workout and inhale when you stretch the abdominal muscles. Though, it’s hard to remember to do this every time, it is extremely beneficial for your muscles and body. By exhaling when contracting your muscles, it causes your body to release pressure on the major organs and applies it only to the current muscles at work. Breathing incorrectly is what causes unwanted sprains and even hernias. When breathing correctly you isolate your muscles and work them to their fullest potential by providing blood flow.

Think about it like this. Your heart pumps blood through your body no matter what. However, you can control your heart beat by breathing faster or slower, hence controlling the blood flow in your body. With that in mind, exhale when contracting ANY muscles while doing ANY workout and inhale when letting go of the contraction.

Do this and you will prevent injuries to your body and receive results faster because only your muscles will be doing the hard work!


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