Stretchy Band Booty Workout

Stretchy Band

Stretchy Band

Stretchy Band Workout of The Day!

First of all, buy a stretchy band! It will change your life and your workout! It’s by far my favorite and in my opinion the best tool for any exercise!

Step 1

Place the band round your ankles. Bend your knees and lean forward a bit (like you’re trying to sit on a chair) and place your hands on your hips. Take 4 steps to your right, then 4 steps to your left while stretching your band. Never let the band become loose, keep it stretched at all times! Repeat 4 steps to the left and 4 steps to the right 8 times.

Step 2

Stand up straight and bend the right leg slightly, while straightening the left leg keeping the band stretched.  Lift and lower your left straight leg to the side 25 times. Do the same thing 25 times to the back then diagonally. Remember to squeeze  the left glute every time you lift and lower your leg and keep your feet parallel at all times (except for on the diagonal rep, turn feet slightly)!

Step 3

Repeat on the right side. Remember to keep the left leg slightly bent!

Step 4

Repeat step one 5 times!

Let me know how much your booty hurts tomorrow! Hope you love the band as much as I do!


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