5 Health Benefits Of Acai

Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry is very small purple fruit looking very similar to a blue berry or grape. It naturally grows in South America, especially our own backyard Brazil!

Acai is known for its many health benefits! In this article we will cover a few of the major ones and hopefully after you will be sold on this delicious berry!

1. Acai Is Full Of Antioxidants

The majority of the Acai health benefits come from its extremely high antioxidant levels. So put down down the wine and try a Acai smoothie!

2. Improves Heart Function And Lowers Cholesterol

Acai has many vitamins and nutrients including oleic (omega-9) and linoleic (omega-6) which are both fatty acids that gives the body a super boost when it comes to improving the body’s basic functions and overall health

3. Improves Immune Health

An additional KO in the  body’s health department is the Acai ability to improve immune strength and health. This is because of the high volume of those funny little things called antioxidants. Antioxidants help our body to fight of diseases and infections that we would have otherwise been susceptible to.

4. Anti Aging And Skin Glow

Acai is amazing for improving your skin and fighting off that annoying dude father time!

5. Improved Energy And Endurance

Because of the extremely high levels of nutrients and antioxidants in Acai it is able to improve you health to the point where you experience higher levels of Energy and Endurance! Great to start you morning with instead of Coffee.

There you have it! The 5 reasons to try our friendly little purple friend! Try it next time you are finishing a run or getting out of a yoga class and let it change your world.

Let us know what you love about Acai and what your secret superfood is!


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