Quick Thigh Slimming Exercise

Toned Legs

Toned Legs

Have you heard of a barre class? If not, you have no idea what you’re missing! Here is a barre exercise that will give you that nice thigh burn fast.


Step 1

Find a counter (higher than hip height). Face the counter and place both hands lightly on the surface with your elbows bent next to your body.

Step 2

Stand with legs and feet touching, and keep your legs and heels “glued together” throughout the entire exercise.

Step 3

With your legs straight lift your heels. Then slowly bend your knees until you feel your thighs engage, while keeping your back aligned with your heels (as if you were sliding down a wall).

Step 4

From your bent position with your heals still up, begin to pulse your body down. After about 25 pulses, start to slow down the movement. Move one inch up, then one inch down. Repeat the slow movements in 3 sets of 20.



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