Work Out On The Go!


Can’t find time to work out because you work too much or you’re busy running errands and taking care of the kids? Not a problem!

You can actually work out while doing all those things that keep you from finding  free time to hit the gym or to that fun workout class you hear so much about.

If your work consists of standing most of the day,  you can work out your calves, glutes, and hamstrings with only one movement. Say hello to the relevé! If you’re not a ballerina that probably meant nothing to you. Not to worry, you don’t have to be a ballerina to do relevés. All you do in a relevé is lift your heals from the floor while keeping your toes and balls of your feel on the floor. By lifting and lowering your heals, however many times you can, you are working the muscles in your feet, your calves, hamstrings and sculpting your glutes. You can do relevés with your legs and feet together or hip distance apart. Eventually, if you want to work your inner thighs too, you can connect your legs together and your heals while spreading your feet apart from each other, (each pointing to a different diagonal)  in ballet this stance is called, first position. After you get the positions down, lift and lower your heals about 25 times or more and rest when needed. Don’t be surprised if your sore the next day. Keep that up every day for 1 month and you’ll end up gorgeous elongated leg muscles, like ballerinas.

If you work consists of sitting down most of the day, don’t worry, you can still work out those muscles. First of all try your best not to slouch, that’s one of the main reasons people develop those muffin tops we all hate so much. Once you can keep yourself from slouching engage your abdominal muscles by contracting them as if you were protecting yourself from a punch to the stomach. Also picture your belly button disappearing into your belly and touching your spine (it won’t happen, that’s just a helpful visualization). Then release the contraction. Do it again. Exhale when contracting and inhale when releasing. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. If your abs feel sore, the exercise is working. Do this exercise the right way and you’ll develop a strong core, which improves posture so you won’t have back pains and you’ll be less likely to slouch. Also, if you keep it up all day every day for 1 month you’ll see that muffin top disappearing. Eventually, if you’re super dedicated, you’ll have that six pack on you, and not in the fridge!

This arm exercise actually works for both people that spend their day standing or sitting. It’s all about the visualizations. Every time you pick up or grab something, tense every muscle in your arms as if what you’re picking up/ grabbing is really heavy. Picture resisting every movement like there is opposite force against the one you’re making. Tense, stretch, tense, and stretch again. Do this exercise to tone your arms and develop arm strength!

So there you have it, if you work too much that should not be an excuse not to exercise. Stay tuned for more effective workouts you can do any time, any anywhere!


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