Half Is More – An Easy Weight Loss Tip

Healthy Sandwich

Healthy Sandwich

Some of us, if not most, struggle with reaching our goal weight!

There are so many secrets, diets, and workouts out there that it’s hard to find the one that works for you. So today I wanted to give you my easy and simple secret to getting a little closer to reaching that body we all dream of having.

Forget about all those fancy diets and complicated workouts for second. I promise you will lose weight with just this one simple step. Cut your food intake in half! Let’s say you have a sandwich for lunch, instead of eating the whole thing, eat only half of it. If you have some juice or soda with that sandwich, only drink half of it. Same with chips and anything else you usually eat throughout the day. If you can control this for just a week, I promise you will see changes by the end of that week.

The other day, I actually gave that advice to a client that was struggling to reach his target weight. He had been trying to lose weight for many reasons but mainly because he wanted to fit into pair of expensive pants he had bought for an event. I told him my easy simple secret and told him that was the only thing that got me motivated into believing I could reach my goal weight. A week passed and he came back with a smile from ear to ear with his girlfriend with him and she said “your advice made him lose 5 pounds in one week! He’s never been able to do that.” It felt so amazing to have that affect on someone with just one simple tip. I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you! Try it out and let me know how it works out for you! Even a baby step is still a step closer to that goal and worthy of that smile you’ll have from ear to ear when you see the changes happening.


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